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Kayak Day Camp

July 12th – 18th
(Ages 12-18)
$825 + GST

Kayak and Surf Camp
July 6th – 18th
(Ages 12-18)
$2175 + GST

Adventure Day Camp
Aug. 10th – 14th
(Ages 8-12)
$625 + GST

Outdoor Leadership Camp
Aug. 17th – 22nd
(Ages 15-19)
$1025 + GST

Kayak Day Camp
Aug. 16th – 22nd
(Ages 12-18)
$825 + GST

West Coast Surf Camp
Aug. 30th – Sept. 4th
(Ages 12-18)
$1150 + GST


Summer Camp Brochure

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Business of the Year 2014



Our British Columbia outdoor adventure summer camps for youth and our B.C. School Eco Education programs are offered on Salt Spring Island in the Gulf Islands off Vancouver Island B.C., Canada. These wilderness, skill acquisition oriented programs began 26 years ago by our former company, Island Escapades; they continue today as they always have been. These safe, fun, exciting and challenging programs continue under our new company, Coastal Current Adventures. Small youth groups can participate in a wide spectrum of activities where our experienced staff share their knowledge of and love for the environment, teaching the intricate balance within the ecosystem.

Day Camp

For youth, ages 8-12 we offer an adventurous eclectic 5 day program full of challenges, fun and learning. Campers practice kayak strokes and rescues on beautiful Cusheon Lake which prepares them for an ocean picnic paddle on the fourth day to a pristine white shell beach. They visit the indoor climbing gym in preparations for a day of rock climbing on spectacular Mt. Maxwell, combined with swimming, intertidal walks, initiative games and a camp out at Ruckle Park. This is an exciting introduction to experience nature’s offerings & Coastal Current Adventures!

5-day, Day Camp (Ages 8-12)
Aug. 10th -14th

Outdoor Leadership Camp

This is an expedition based camp where students coordinate meals, route-plan, navigate, evaluate weather conditions and set-up camp daily at various locations around the Gulf Islands. Intended to give older students an experience of taking on leadership roles and practicing outdoor skills that will make them safe and efficient when exploring the West Coast. This camp combines hands-on learning with some of our most experienced guides with exploration of this diverse marine eco-system. Students will have the opportunity to view seals, sea lions, porpoise, eagles and even orcas as they kayak to multiple National and Provincial Parks. This expedition is recommended for students who have previously taken our Overnight Kayak Camp or gained kayak skills at other camps or courses. Recommended for ages 15-19

6-day, Leadership Kayak Expedition Camp
(Ages 15-19)
August 17th – 22nd

Kayak Day Camp

Whether complete novices or seasoned paddlers, the marine camp is designed to introduce or enhance individual knowledge of kayak strokes, rescues, and navigation, and foster great friendships.  This camp will be amazing fun and interesting as we will venture to a new location everyday, including Sansum Narrows, Russell Island, Wallace Island and the Secretary’s, Tent and Penelkut Islands, plus Yo Beach at the North end of Ruckle Park…    Students will learn the finer skills of route planning and get a chance to learn new Covid Safe rescues.  Rolling will be taught to those interested and there will be some time to enjoy our basecamp at Cusheon Lake.  Camp is limited to 10 students, and days are from 9:00 am until 4:30.  We will offer one evening phosphor-essence paddle to culminate the week on our last day.

7 Day Kayak Day Camp (Ages 12 -18)
July 12th -18th 

7 Day Kayak Day Camp (Ages 12-18)
Aug. 16th – 22nd

PLEASE see New DATES for SURF Camp
Aug. 23rd to 28th
This will go ahead only if Covid 19 Rules by government change.

West Coast Surf Camp

Our talented team of instructors kicks off the program with an introduction to fundamental surf skills and then works throughout the week in the water to develop campers’ individual skill sets as they tackle waves big & small at their own pace. This program is a perfect mix of surWing & lessons, camping, hiking and a whole lot of West Coast fun, for beginner and experienced surfers alike. All surf gear is provided including both short and long boards, and our base at the Ucluelet campground offers nice amenities, including a hot tub & sauna. We surf several beaches around the ToWino/PaciWic
Rim region culminating with a surf competition and a day of Surf Olympics. This oneweek program can be combined with the July or August Kayaking camp for the two-week Kayak & Surf Program on August 10th-22nd.

6-day, Surf Camp (Ages 12-18)
Aug. 30 – Sept. 4th

Kayak and Surf Camp

This program is an excellent combination of kayaking in the Gulf Islands and a Pacific Rim surfing excursion. Students are taught by seasoned instructors and are provided with all the necessary equipment. Kayaking base skills are learned through two days of training on Salt Spring Island, prior to an exciting kayak expedition through the beautiful island chains north of the island. Next, the Surf Program heads to Ucluelet and Tofino, on the west coast of Vancouver Island, for six days of catching waves and exploring the beaches. Campers gain a solid outdoor skill base while building a strong appreciation for West Coast water-based activities. Safety, skill acquisition, friendship, team building and most of all fun are the goals for this two-week program.

14-Day, Kayak and Surf Camp (Ages 12-18)
July 6th- 18th

Duke of Ed Adventurous Journey

If you are pursuing a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver or Gold Award most of our programs meet all or the majority of the requirements. Choose a Kayaking Expedition Camp and come knowing you will be supported in your goals! Customize expeditions for groups of 4 or more or ask about joining a pre-existing one-week Camp. Whether you are navigating coastal waters, cooking a delicious dinner over a campfire, or taking in the majestic marine life on your Gulf Islands kayak expedition, you’ll find an empowering team spirit to unleash capabilities you’ve never imagined. Bronze: Join any camp or customize your own three-day Adventure Journey upon request – $510. Silver/Gold: Join any of our pre-existing one-week kayaking camps Note: It is important to discuss with Coastal Current Adventures and the Duke of Edinburgh office to ensure you meet all the pre-trip and practice trip requirements and not just the Adventurous Journey.

Tofino Surftrip, March 2016 Video by: Melwin Carstensen

Day Camp Music Credits: ‘The Bird and the Worm’ by Owl City

West Coast Adventure Camp Music Credits: ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

Check out our video from 2010 camps!


Coastal Current Adventures Eager Beavers Campership Fund

John Eager Beaver “In 2015, Coastal Current Adventures gave away over $1500 in discounts and camperships to help ensure kids from low-income families could experience a summer at camp. Can you help make camp a reality for an eager beaver this year?”

“My son, Jesse just came back from the surfcamp. He told me all about it, and just can’t wait to go back again. In other words; he loved it! I am very impressed too. A big THANK YOU! “

“Our Thanks to all of you at Island Escapades for making Joby’s Surf Camp so much fun!! Jack & Jasper & Candace, Joby enjoyed himself thoroughly…We know you all put so much into these Camps & it really shows..from the excellent meals to the many outdoor experiences & opportunities you provide for our kids…I’m sure Joby will be back for more next year… “